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WipeOut File Eraser

Credit Card Expense Tracker

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These Five Apps are FREE to all Treskat Subscribers!
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Chop-Chop Bulk File Renamer

Simple and easy to use Bulk File Renamer (and Bulk Deletion)

Just Select a Folder then click on a file. Images are displayed for JPG, GIF, BMP and JPEG files.

Let's get started with a demonstration of Bulk file renaming.

Spanish.mp3 is descriptive enough so let's remove the word Language from all the file names.

In the picture above we selected "Chop Out" and entered the word Language.

Press "Show Changes" to see exactly what the new names will look like before saving.

Other choices (not shown) let you change the case to Upper, Lower or Name Case.

In the next picture we'll move class of 1979 names that don't belong with the class of 1980.

The criteria will be [1979] so every file that has [1979] in it will be affected.

6 files contain [1979] and for safety we display them in a bright contrasting color.

You don't often need to rename or delete a bunch of files but when you do, Chop-Chop really comes in handy.

Mark-One Password Keeper

Don't trust "The Cloud" with your website passwords. Store them locally on your own computer.

To get started, click New Bookmark then Drag & Drop or type in the details.

Drag & Drop makes entering information fast and easy.

Complete the information card then click save.

Right Click on a record to Edit or Delete it, or Double Click to Open a website and sign in.

We Double Clicked on an entry and the small black Drag & Drop window appears.

Now click "Open URL" then Drag & Drop User Name and Password onto the webpage.

Mail Kat Envelope Printer

Simple and easy to use Mail Kat Envelope Printer.

Add a New Address or double click an existing address then click print!

Fast and simple. Prints a perfect envelope in less than 5 seconds.

WipeOut File Eraser

When you delete a file or folder it goes into the Recycle Bin where it can be restored if you change your mind. Usually this is a good thing but it also means that anyone who has access to your computer will be able to see, and restore, what you've deleted.

Treskat's WipeOut program bypasses the Recycle Bin and erases the file. To use WipeOut:

  • Navigate to the C:\Treskat folder.

  • Right click on WipeOut

  • From that right click menu choose "Send to Desktop (create Shortcut)"

  • Place this icon anywhere but the best place is probably right next to the Recycle Bin.

  • To use it, just drag and drop a folder or file onto the WipeOut Icon

KardKat Credit Card Expense Tracker

Over the past 35 years I've written many useful programs to make life easier. This next one categorizes monthly credit card expenses so I can accurately classify each charge for a specific business or personal use.

I use Quicken to track expenses. Unfortunately each entry on a credit card bill has to be manually broken down into different categories of expenses. Quicken calls this a "split" and each of these categories can have a lot of entries that have to be sub-totaled. Too much work so KardKat does all the manual labor for me.

    Quick and Easy to Use

  • Matches and Memorizes Vendors with the Categories that you choose.

  • Just highlight a Vendor then left click on the matching Category.

  • Do it once and it's saved forever or just click the Vendor Reset button and start with a fresh Vendor list anytime you want to.

  • Customize your own Category names, just RIGHT click on the Category name to change it.

Download your statement from the bank.

Then click a vendor once and you never have to do it again.

Log on to your bank then download your statement as a CSV file.

Every bank offers a CSV download. Here's a screen shot of the Capital One download page.

That's all you have to do! Then click on the KardKat "Open File" button and navigate to where you saved the file.

KardKat even remembers where you like to save your downloads for next time.



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