How To Install Treskat Software

Need a floppy drive? Buy an external USB floppy drive on Amazon for $15

Half-Price Software Does Not Require a Floppy Drive.



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Most install problems are caused by anti-virus programs that block or quarantine without your consent.
If you have any difficulty, disable your anti-virus for 10 minutes, download a fresh copy and try again.
And consider changing the settings in your anti-virus to ASK before deleting or blocking.

Fast Facts

  • Programs without a serial number and without a passcode will only run as a demo.

  • Serial numbers are installed with either a floppy disk --OR-- by using an Unlock Key Code (for half-price software).

  • White or Red floppy disks are only used rarely to either install, uninstall, or purchase new licenses.

  • When you get a new computer, floppy disk users can uninstall the license and reuse it on the new computer.

  • Half-price users can transfer to a new computer via email ($50 fee).

  • Red System Access Disks are very outdated and can only be used on 32 bit Windows computers.

  • White disks can be used on any 32 or 64 bit computer and they can also be used to convert old Dos authorizations.

    Floppy Disk Users: Use Red or White floppy disks ONLY in an external USB floppy drive.

    Internal floppy drives are too old and too dirty to be reliable and will likely destroy the disk. An external USB floppy drive costs under $15 on and will last forever.

Step by Step

  1. Download and install your software from the Download section.

  2. Install a serial number with the floppy disk or by using the Unlock Key Code that we emailed to you.

  3. Start LeMenu and select the program that you want to run.
Still using an old 32 bit Red Disk? Subscribers can upgrade to the 64 bit White License Management Disk (with 2 free licenses) for just $99. Email with program name, company name and zip code to see if you qualify.

Here's What to Expect

  • Subscribers and new purchases should download a fresh copy of the All-Updates.rar file from the Download page.

  • This file is compressed so you'll have to unzip it. Unsure how? Visit for a free program to do this.

  • When you extract the all-updates.rar file and click on Install.exe you'll see all of these brightly colored menu choices.

  • The installation program is very clear and user friendly. Just follow the directions and do what it asks.

  • Warning: Some computers may be missing important OCX files. Fix this problem at

    Half-Price Users press "Exit" on the above program then: Click here for Serial Number instructions.

    Floppy Disk Users: Here's how to install a Serial Number

    In the picture above notice that all of the programs have a serial number next to them. We are installing CodeMaster so the rest are grayed out but we can still see the serial numbers for each of them.

    When you get a new License Management Disk from us here's what you should do.....

    1. Intsall the newest programs that you just downloaded.

    2. Insert the White License Management Disk into a decent quality external USB floppy drive then run the program on the floppy disk to install your license and serial number.

    In the picture above there are choices to Install, Uninstall, Convert, or Purchase New Licenses. There are two different serial numbers on this system; the new Windows license #27001 and the old Dos serial number 9000. That old Dos serial number has been canceled. You may not sell or give it away but you may Convert it for $35. You can Convert it now, or later, or never.

    To Convert, it must already be installed on an existing hard drive so it's best to just leave it where it is. Abandon it in place, there is no need to uninstall it.

    Can I Use My Old Red (Dos) Floppy Disk?

    The pictures above are for White License Management Disks. Red System Access Disks have a Setupxx program on the floppy which you will use instead.

    Red System Access Disks are quite old and only work on 32 bit computers. That means you can't install a Red disk license using a 64 bit computer. But what you can do is install a Red disk license onto a USB flash drive (using a 32 bit computer) and then use that USB flash drive in any 32 or 64 bit computer. It's simple, painless and convenient.

    If you prefer to install directly to a 64 bit hard drive (instead of using a USB stick) you can upgrade to the White License Management Disk for $99.

    How to Run Treskat Software

    If you installed to the C drive there should be an orange and blue LeMenu icon on your desktop.

    If you installed to a removable USB drive then you will find a LeMenu shortcut in the USB root folder. Open a file manager, like Windows Explorer, then click on that USB drive letter (whatever that letter may be) and then click on LeMenu.

    Either one of these methods will launch LeMenu. LeMenu gives you choices to start Treskat programs, manage licenses and even check for new updates. By the way, all of the programs with green buttons come free with every Treskat software purchase.

    The "Update Check" button on LeMenu (shown above) opens the program shown below. This app shows the status of all Treskat software that is either available or already installed. If the Download button is active then you can safely download and install that update for free.

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