Half-Price for Single Computer, Full License for Multiple Installs

  • Same day activation, usually within minutes.
  • Requires internet connection (to confirm license) when you run the program. No USB floppy is req'd.
  • Software is locked to a single computer, $50 fee if you ever want to switch to a different computer.
  • Hard drive crash? No problem. Just switch your license to a new computer.
  • Treskat programs are updated many times throughout the year. All new updates for your Version are FREE.
  • 14 day money back guarantee on all Half-Price Treskat programs except Perfect Master.
  • Click this Half-Price link to learn more.
  • We must mail you a License Management Disk.
  • USB floppy drive ($15 Amazon) required for one time License installation.
  • Switch computers anytime, no charge.
  • Can be installed to a USB thumb drive.
  • Use on two computers right from the start. Add extra computers for as little as $47.50 per license.
  • All interim updates for your Version are FREE.
  • 14 day money back guarantee NOT available for Full License purchases. Workaround: Purchase half-price first for the 14 day guarantee then upgrade to Full License later if you want to.

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