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Half-Price for Single Computer, Full License for Multiple Installs

  • Same day activation, usually within minutes.
  • Requires internet connection (to confirm license) when you run the program. No USB floppy is req'd.
  • Software is locked to a single computer, $50 fee if you ever want to switch to a different computer.
  • Hard drive crash? No problem. Just switch your license to a new computer.
  • Treskat programs are updated many times throughout the year. All new updates for your Version are FREE.
  • 14 day money back guarantee on all Half-Price Treskat programs except Perfect Master.
  • Click this Half-Price link to learn more.
  • We must mail you a License Management Disk.
  • USB floppy drive ($15 Amazon) required for one time License installation.
  • Switch computers anytime, no charge.
  • Can be installed to a USB thumb drive.
  • Use on two computers right from the start. Add extra computers for as little as $47.50 per license.
  • All interim updates for your Version are FREE.
  • 14 day money back guarantee NOT available for Full License purchases. Workaround: Purchase half-price first for the 14 day guarantee then upgrade to Full License later if you want to.

How Do I Buy One Get One Free?
  1. Buy any Half-Price or Full-Price locksmith app and get a different app of equal or lesser value FREE!
  2. Just order your app online. Then in the PayPal checkout section, Special Instructions, enter the name of the free app that you desire. Please do this at time of purchase.
  3. If you forget to do this at time of purchase then, within 24 hours of purchase (no exceptions), send us an email with the message "For my free app I want (name of app)"  Be sure to include your name and address.
  4. Remember the FREE app price must be equal or less than the primary purchase.
  5. The free app must be different. Two of the same not permitted.
  6. Not valid for prior purchases.Order Now! Offer ends on the 31st.

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