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  1. Shut off anti-virus for 10 minutes then download and install a new copy of All-Updates.rar.

  2. Install any program that you have not paid for. This will install a new copy of LeMenu and required auxillary files.

  3. See if this has fixed your problem. If not, reboot your computer and try running the program one more time.

Other Runtime Errors  

Your anti-virus program has probably blocked or maybe even erased our software. Some users allow anti-virus programs to do things automatically and without notification. Disable your anti-virus for 10 minutes, download a fresh copy and try again. You should also consider changing your anti-virus settings to notify you before taking action.

Treskat has been developing software for locksmiths since 1982. We understand that most locksmiths are not computer experts so we've made it easy to install. Our insallation files are self-expanding exe files. Some anti-virus programs see this as a threat and if you are letting them do things without telling you then you'll never know what's happening. Configure your anti-virus to ASK before deleting or blocking. Other solutions:

  1. Add the program to your anti-virus exceptions list.
  2. Submit the offending download, and our website name, to your anti-virus vendor for examination.
  3. And remember, always RESTART your computer after solving a problem, just to be sure.

Other Problems  

For all other problems, read the on-screen instructions! (Start program and take the choice for instructions.) If the answer is not there then email support @ treskat.com with your name, zip code, program name, Windows vesrsion and the EXACT error message or question in 50 words or less.

Tech Support by Email  

  1. Include your name, zip code and name of the program.
  2. Copy and paste (or write) the EXACT error message that appears on the computer screen. If there is no error message then a short 50 word description of the problem.
  3. Include a Content.txt listing of the Treskat folder. Here's how:
    • Use your favorite File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer, etc) to look at the C:\Treskat folder.
    • At the top of the list (if it's sorted by name) Left Click on ~Make_Content.txt.bat
    • This will make the file named ~Content.txt which will also appear at the top of the list.
    • Attach that ~Content.txt file to your email.
  4. Email to support @ treskat.com  
  5. Expect a fast answer, usually within minutes but certainly no more than a few hours. If you do not hear from us then the email that we sent is either in your Spam folder or the automatic "reply to" address in your email is not valid!



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