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Key Blank Cross Reference

KeyManager cross references more than 22,000 keyblanks for all popular manufacturers. Just type in any key number and KeyMan instantly shows you the corresponding numbers from all the other manufacturers. KeyMan tells you the Brand name for each key blank (Ex: Ford, Master Padlock, Medeco, etc). and it also stores your key hook numbers for each blank so you can instantly find the key anywhere in your shop or van. You can even add your own keybalnks if you want to.


  • Install on hard drive or use it on a USB flash drive.
  • More than 22,000 keys for Ilco, Silca, Curtis, Star, ESP, Ilco-Ez, Jet, Axxess, Dominion, Taylor & Original.
  • Shows OEM Brand name for each key blank (i.e. Ford, Master Padlock, Schlage, etc)
  • Allows search by hook number as well as any key blank number.
  • Automatic hook # transfer with new updates or reinstall.
  • New User Data Base allows you to enter your own special or one-of-a-kind keys.
  • Annual content & program updates available.
  • Box shown for display only, we no longer send boxes.

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KeyManager is a keyblank cross reference with more than 22,000 keys on file.

You can add hook numbers which allows you to easily track inventory.

Below is the KeyMan Data Base Full View which shows a complete listing of all 22,000+ keys in KeyMan.

You can sort any column by clicking on the column title.

In this next picture we use the Search All choice but you can also search by a specific manufacturer, too.

Here we will search for the key blank HFD10 so we type that in and click Enter

Results appear instantly and we see matching blanks for several different blank manufacturers.

At the bottom of the screen we see space & depth information for this key.

KeyMan contains more than 22,000 key blanks but sometimes you may run across a few one-of-a-kind keys.

The private User Data Base feature lets you record these special keys.

The picture below shows the Search Result for one of the keys entered into the private User Data Base.



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