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Remake Lost Car Key In 9½ Minutes

These days many vehicles use partially combinated locks that contain some but not all of the tumblers in each lock. That means you can fit a key to one of the simple locks like the door, glove, or trunk lock and then let KeyWiz find the remaining cuts for the ignition and all other locks on the vehicle.

KeyWiz finds the missing cuts by searching only the actual codes that were used on that particular year and model. There are no wasted bittings and no hit-or-miss guessing games. KeyWiz is 100% accurate.


  • Install on hard drive or use on a USB flash drive.
  • Handles All Popular US and Foreign Auto
  • No guesswork and 100% accurate.
  • 100% accurate because missing cuts are for REAL code numbers only.
  • Box shown for display only, we no longer send boxes.

With KeyWiz there is no need to disassemble the steering column or remove the ignition lock. Just type in the cuts you can easily find, like from the glove lock, and KeyWiz will instantly show you what the remaining cuts are for all the rest of the locks on the vehicle. Great for remaking broken keys too.

2 Key Blanks, 10 Minutes, Job Done!

KeyWiz lets you fit keys fast and usually with no more than two wasted key blanks. There is no need to disassemble locks and forget about using those unprofesional try-out key sets. KeyWiz saves you time and money. With KeyWiz the average "lost key" job can be finished in less than 10 minutes and typically with no more than 2 wasted key blanks! Order yours now.

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We're continuing from the AutoMaster tutorial to remake the lost key for a 2012 Camry.

AutoMaster told us we're looking for a Toyota 10 cut key, series 50000-69999, keyblank TR47 and we quickly find it.

Double click Toyota 10 cut for the "Find The Missing Cuts" screen. Do you remember the tumbler map in AutoMaster?

Right now we only want to make a key for the door so we'll forget about spaces 1 & 2 and enter active cuts as 3-10.

I already clicked the "Active Cuts" button and changed it to 3-10 so asterisks * appear in spaces 1 & 2.

We don't know spaces 3, 4, 5, 6 so I left those blank and typed in the last 4 cuts that we do know which are 4443

In the picture below the Progression Results screen shows 19 possiblities, more than half can be cut on just 1 blank.

Cut the DOOR key, if it doesn't work cut it deeper as shown in the next number on the list.

The picture above shows "Multi-Column" format. This last picture below shows "One-Column" format.

The One-Column display uses a large font and has check boxes to keep track of your progress.



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