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Version Update 7.2 Priced From $247.50 to $495.00
** Items marked with double asterisk are new for version 7.2
  • Create systems for all 4, 5, 6 & 7 pin locks incl. special ones like ASSA, Emhart, Medeco (including Keymark & Biaxial) and removable core like KABA Peaks, Best Falcon A2 and A4, Sargent, Corbin, and Russwin.
  • Eliminates ghost keys, MAC violators, marks declining step.
  • Develop giant systems with up to 30,000 change keys & thousands of masters.
  • Develop smaller systems using just 1 or 2 master pins.
  • Easy: Answer just 3 questions but also lets master keying pros change pin size, step, MAC, or even manipulate the bitting array to hold constants if you want to.
  • Shows exactly which pins to put in each chamber.
  • Automatically identities each key (TMK, A, AA, AAA- 1, etc.)
  • Helps create good TMK's by explaining potential mistakes you may have made.
  • Print all reports, charts, and so on, to paper or save them as PDF files.
  • Works with ITL Computerized Code Cutting Key Machines.
  • Box shown for display only, we no longer send boxes.
  • ** Import old Dos versions of Perfect Master 4, 5, or 6 systems from different computers or folders.
  • ** Import, Export and Merge systems from different computers.
  • ** Level 1 Line Masters and Level 2 Horizontal Masters now available in addition to Block & Vertical.
  • ** Print a Client's Job Sheet showing the specs used for the Master Key System creation.
  • ** Printer Selection box allows printing to any installed printer including PDF printers.
  • ** New Rebuild Index menu choice can help to recover lost systems.
  • ** Index screens now show File Extension and whether it's imported from an earlier version.
  • Perfect Master software is updated many times throughout the year.
  • Purchasing the 7.2 update includes continuous free updates for this version.

$247.50 Half-Price Offer for Single Computer Users.
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It's possible to create, save & print as many as 100 master key systems per hour!
Because of this we cannot offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee on Perfect Master.


Perfect Master creates complex master key systems by answering just 3 simple questions.

Look at the Main Menu screen below to see all the options, we will only explain a few of them.

Let's create a master key system for 6 pin Arrow. Start Perfect Master and click "Create New System."

Specs for 56 lock types are listed or you can create your own specs. Click on the entry for Arrow.

When you click on Arrow you'll see the screen shown below.

Change the lock specs (Short Pin, Long Pin, etc.) if you want to or just enter the System Data and Client Name.

You can manipulate the Bitting Array to hold constants as well as add or delete numbers.

Next click [Save & Go] and in less than 2 seconds the system will be created and loaded.

Notice the new "Client Menu" below, it's different from the Main Menu that we saw earlier.

This is the menu you see when you "Load Existing System" from the main menu.

We can Update Master Keys to select and assign which masters will be used for this client.

63 masters are listed starting with "Page" masters and higher but there are actually hundreds more.

The picture above is the Master Key List and the picture below is the Change Key List.

For small jobs, Vertical & Block Masters are shown. Special use Horizontal and Line Masters also listed for expert uses.

Most jobs will pin to a lower level like Page Master. Page Masters only require 3 master pins per lock.

Below you can pin many different levels including Line and Horizontal masters. Choose all keys or just Active (In-Use) keys.

In the Pinning Chart below we're pinning to the "Theoretical" so there are master pins in each chamber.

Notice that key# 230 is marked with an asterisk * indicating it as a declining step key which should be avoided.

In the last picture you can see the process for adding notes to any change key or master.
Notes can be as large as 375 characters.

Perfect Master 7 Pro is our most advanced Master Key System designed specifically for Windows.



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