Advantage 4.1 Business Software



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Inventory, Invoicing, Customer Database and more.
  • Keep your business data and your customer's information safe, secure and at your fingertips.
  • Stand-alone means you are not sharing private information with an on-line cloud service.
  • Advantage creates professional looking Invoices and Quotations in seconds.
  • Keep track of all your clients and the kinds of products and services they buy from you.
  • Use this saved client information to create specialized mail lists for discount coupons, sales, etc.
  • Saves copies of all invoices for instant recall anytime you want to.
  • Reports for Month to Date and Year to Date Income with instant sorting by clicking on any column.
  • Print Statements for all Accounts Receivable or just for a Single Account.
  • Customize a special message to appear at the bottom of every Invoice.
  • Use normal selling price or alternate price for each item in inventory,
  • Instantly see a list of all Accounts Receivable.
  • And much more... Please look at the screen shots below and download our demo.
  • Box shown for display only, we no longer send boxes.

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Notice the main categories for Invoicing, Customers, Reports, Transactions, Receivables, Setup and Quit.

Click on a Main category and a different Sub-Category Menu will appear. This one shows Invoicing, Refunds, etc.

Advantage keeps track of the products, services or equipment provided to your customer. This is done by "Departments."

70 different Departments let you track a customer's spending habits. Use this detailed information for Special Lists.

Reports lets you see the products or services that you sold on a Monthly and Yearly basis.

The Transactions menu below lets you view and reprint saved Advantage invoices for as long as you have owned Advantage.

Yearly Comparison compares sales for every month of every year going back to as far as 1984 for existing Dos users.

Receivables instanly shows a list of everyone who owes you money. Print Statements for All or just a SIngle Account.

As you can see there are a lot of menus and menu choices but it's all very fast and easy.

Advantage has been serving businesses like yours since 1984. Give the demo a try! It's free.



Choose another product page by clicking one of the pictures above.

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