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2600 Page Automotive Encyclopedia on your Computer or Windows Tablet

Do you know the code series for a 2014 Camry? Or the keyblank for a Mercury Tracer? What's the fastest way to remake a lost key for a 2016 Dodge Challenger? AutoMaster has all the answers to this and more!

One of the most useful features in AutoMaster are Tumbler Maps. Tumbler Maps show the active tumblers used in each lock. This lets you remake lost keys by ignoring tumblers that don't exist in certain positions.

Instead of trying to figure out the combination to all 10 tumblers you solve the puzzle 2 or 3 tumblers at a time. Use it with our KeyWiz software and you'll be delighted at how fast and easy it is to make lost keys by progression.


  • How to unlock without a key
  • What code series is used
  • Where the code is hidden on car
  • What locks each code operates
  • Tumbler Position Maps
  • Ilco and Silca key blank numbers
  • Impressioning specs for all code series
  • Box shown for display only, we no longer send boxes.

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More than 2600 pages of information for today's current model cars all the way back to the 1980's.

Let's see how easy it is to remake the lost key for a 2012 Camry when the code number is not available.

Click on Manufacturer Index then press the letter "T" to jump to the Toyota section.

We found the correct listing that includes the 2012 Camry so we'll click on it.

The list above is first sorted by Model and then by Years so it's easy to find what we're looking for.

The next screen tells us how to unlock the car, code location and other details.

The Tumbler Map shows that the Ignition has 10 tumblers, the Door has 8, the Glove Box has 4.

This information can be used by KeyWiz to remake a lost key in less than 9 minutes.



Choose another product page by clicking one of the pictures above.

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