Half-Price for Single Computer Users

Designed for locksmiths who only need to install on a single computer.



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Fast Facts

  • Treskat software is capable of running on more than one computer at the same time. If you only need to use it on one computer then save 50% with a Half-Price single-license. You'll save hundreds but there are two restrictions:

    1. Requires an internet connection (to confirm the license) when you run the program.

    2. There is a $50 fee if you ever want to move the license to a different computer.

  • Our regular price software does not have these restrictions. You can use it on two computers right from the start and subscribers can add extra computers for as little as $47.50 per license. An internet connection is not required and you can move licenses between different computers whenever you want to, no charge.

    Half-Price requires an internet connection for license compliance. When you register your computer it gets a serial number based on its hardware profile. If you change computers we have to cancel the old serial number and issue a new one for the new computer. Since we have to provide this extra service there is an extra fee.

    Q: Can I buy half-price now and upgrade to regular price later?

    A: Yes! As long as you're using current updates you can upgrade to full-price at any time. Just pay the half-price difference.

    Q: With Half-Price software what if my computer crashes, do I lose the license?

    A: No problem. Move the license to a different computer anytime, regardless of whether the old computer works or not.

    Step by Step Process for Half-Price Software

    1. Download and install Treskat locksmith software from the Download page of this website.

    2. Purchase and pay for the software.

    3. Run the Activate.exe program in the C:\Treskat folder and choose "Create Unlock Request Code"

    4. Paste that Unlock Request Code along with your billing name and address to kitkat @ treskat.com

    5. We will send you the Unlock Key in a return email. Run Activate.exe again and choose "Enter the Unlock Key Code"

    6. Start LeMenu then run the program that you purchased and follow directions to obtain Activation Passcode.



    Learn about individual products by clicking one of the pictures above.

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