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All Treskat apps require a serial number also known as a license. Older verions required a White License Management floppy disk. We no longer sell these older floppy disk versions.

If you have an older White License Management Disk then click on LicenseMgr found in the C:\Treskat folder. The rest of this page is for the newer single computer versions.

New Treskat apps are for use on a single computer. An internet connection is required (for license compliance) whenever you run the app. If you want to switch computers there is a $50 fee for one ($100 max for two or more) to cancel your old serial number and issue a new one.

All apps purchased today get free annual updates for life!

Fast & Easy Installation
  • Same day activation, usually within minutes.
  • No floppy disks or CD's are needed, download the app from our website.
  • Hard drive crash? No problem. Just switch your license to a new computer.
  • All new apps now come with Free Annual Updates for life.

How to Install and Activate Your Software


  1. Save all-updates.rar to your hard drive.

  2. Right Click to Extract with a RAR extraction utility like from

  3. Password is: unlock

  4. Change to Folder where you extracted the files.

  5. Left Click on (INSTALL)

  6. Problem? You probably skipped a step. Follow directions EXACTLY as written.

  7. Click the LeMenu desktop icon (or click on LeMenu.exe in the C:\Treskat folder).

  8. When LeMenu starts, click on Activate License.

  9. In the blue Activate app choose "Create Unlock Request Code"

  10. Paste that Unlock Request Code along with your billing name and address to

  11. Next, we'll email the Unlock Key to you. Run Activate.exe again and choose "Enter the Unlock Key Code"

  12. Problems? Click here for the solution.
Review: App, Serial Number, Passcode.

  • Download All-Updates.rar from the Download page of this website and install all apps purchased.

  • Run 1/2 Price Activate and add a Serial Number by entering the Unlock Code that we sent you.

  • Problems? Click here for the solution.
These numbers will be saved in the Treskat folder. If you erase the folder you will need to re-enter the Unlock Code.



Learn about individual products by clicking one of the pictures above.

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