How to Install, Solve Problems or Move to a New Computer

Subcribers and new users should download All-Updates.rar on the Download page. This 4 megabyte file contains all 11 programs. Install as Demos or activate them with a serial number and passcode.

Serial numbers are established with either a White License Management Disk, Unlock Key Code or Red System Access Disk. Passcodes are emailed when the serial number has been successfully installed.

Our software is easy to install and use. Just read and follow the simple directions to assure success.

Installation and Support Links

  • Read This First: Anti-Virus Interference

    Find out why anti-virus programs might be erasing your locksmith software.

  • Step by Step Installation

    Download and install the software then authorizize it with a license from the White License Management disk.

  • Tech Support

    Easy solutions for problems you may encounter and how to contact us if you need more help.

  • Move Software to a New Computer

    Step by step process for moving Perfect Master and all other Treskat software.


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