Free Demos, Apps and Latest Updates

Download contains all Apps and Updates. Install these new versions only if our Update Check program tells you that it's paid or Free. Otherwise it will only work as a demo.

Download Instructions
1. Save  all-updates.rar to your hard drive.
2. Right Click to Extract with a RAR extraction utility like from
3 Password is: unlock
4. Change to Folder where you extracted the files.
5. Left Click on (INSTALL)
6. Problem? You probably skipped a step. Follow directions EXACTLY as written.

Updates and Demos for Treskat Locksmith Software

  • Annual Updates are FREE **

    ** If you were up-to-date on or after December 31, 2019 then updates for all Treskat software are free for life. If not then you'll need to catch-up first and then future updates will be free.

  • Treskat software automatically checks for new updates every few days. When a new update is available you'll be able to click a button to download it immediately. No confusion, no special trips to the website.

  • New Clients & Non-Subscribers: Without a passcode these programs will work for you as a Demo.



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